End Times Talk

Shedding The Light On The Rapture

Welcome to End Times Talk

Hi, my name is Guy, and I want to welcome you to End Times Talk.

I’m conscious that it’s not a subject that many like to hear about. But that’s a subject that got my attention before I actually officially received Christ in my heart in 1990.

There’s been a lot of movies about it, lots of documentaries and theories. Even prophecies have been writing especially the ones by the well know¬†French physician Michel Nostradamus.

So it’s a subject that I had a lot of questioning about even before I started to get answers from the Bible and from pastors and evangelists that were talking about the subject.

So my goal here is not to scare anyone with that stuff, but to share with those who want to know more about it, the kind of answers and revelations I received in the beginning and over the years regarding the end of times and what is supposed to happen.