End Times Talk

Shedding The Light On The Rapture

About Me And This Vision

I remember taking the subway all the way to Guy station downtown Montreal on Saturday afternoons. I was going to the CLC – a Christian bookstore.

I was a young Christian back then. It was in the summer of 1990. I was 24. And the first revelations I had were the teaching on the book of Revelation in the beginning of that year, from a pastor named Sam Lecompte of an Evangelical church of Laval.


…I had a certain vision of what the future could hold for the world, for Christians, and for the Jews toward the end of time, after finishing that study and the references I could find in the Bible.

But I still felt very far from God then, even though I had officially accepted Him into my life.


Two Different Visions of the Same God

The thing is, I had trouble associating the God I knew as a kid through movies such as Jesus of Nazareth, with the one represented in the beginning of the book of Revelation.

It took me a few years to really begin to see God’s grace through Christ and the kind of freedom we have in Him.

Today – 28 years later – I returned to this prophetic vision I received then, especially the one concerning the return of the Lord and the rapture of the church.

I renew this vision with the teaching of evangelists like Mario Massicotte, who was also at that time for me, a reference on the subject.

My name is Guy by the way, same as that subway station I used to go to when I had an urge to buy a Christian book, tape, or DVD.

I turned to the Lord in February 1990 after the intervention of my foreman at work who was a Christian. The 4 years I had worked there previously, I thought he was in some kind of a sect. It’s him that lend me the series of tapes on the study about the book of Revelation.


Two Things I Need to Work On

To come back to that subway station Guy, often there was an homeless man sleeping inside lying down against the wall. It was reminding me of the condition in which I could end up if my foreman didn’t talk to me that day.

There was also another thing, just outside that subway station, an adult XXX movie theater reminding me of another one of my weakness.

When I accepted the Lord after my foreman of the time took the courage to talk to me about God when I came in drunk at work that day of February 1990, it didn’t solve all my problems all at once.

Even after being delivered of the obsession to drink after two months of praying, bible study and church attending, I still had those remorse that were like old ghosts haunting me without pity. And I was also, let’s say it, far from being perfect in other areas of my life.

Today, it’s on those two aspects that I need to work on: Doing what I have to do to reduce the guilt I have, and doing all I can to avoid doing what would cause me guilt in the future…

I want to pinpoint precisely how, when and where my inclinations have degraded me. I want to face the misfortunes that have followed for others and for myself.

On one hand it is to eliminate the feeling of guilt that continues to gnaw at me, and on the other hand, it is to not repeat the same mistakes in the future.

And this is not contrary to what Jesus teaches in chapter 5 of Matthew, on this famous sermon on the mountain.

I must repair the wrong, as much as possible with those I have hurt in my life, and resolve not to do those wrong again in the future. Whether these people are Christians or not.

I must remember also that, alcohol may not be harmful to all people, but to me it means sharing the fate of that homeless guy inside that subway station… and worse!