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Bruce Marchiano As Jesus And His Testimony

The first time I saw Bruce Marchiano as Jesus in the movie Matthew, I was kinda delighted.

I thought to myself, “At last, someone who’s finally portraying Jesus as smiling, laughing, and even having some fun with the people around him”.

It was not the solemn and serious Jesus that we are used to see everywhere. Finally, a Jesus that is close to the real common people.

And when I saw him in the series The Encounter later on, it got me curious. I wanted to know more about the guy.

Here, I didn’t want to idolize him, far from me the idea.

But I think he has a good vision of what Jesus could have been like as a man while he was still on earth. The love, the joy, the compassion, and the brokenness he could feel for the people around him.

In this video below, he explains his story a little as an actor, how he became a Christian, what he did to be able to personify Jesus the way he did in the Gospel of Matthew movie.

He talks about how he got inspired through his producer, and a 9 years old girl, to finally act the way he did in front of the camera.

I thought that it was so inspiring that I wanted to share it with you.


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