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What Was Jesus Like As A Person


Who can say what was Jesus like as a person.

I say “was”, but I should have said “is”. Because I think he is the same kind of guy He was. The only exception, He is risen from the dead and glorified.

So… what is he like?

The only references we have to determine that, is the testimony of those who were ear and eye witnesses of His words and actions here on earth.

Namely… the disciples.

But we have also what the prophets have written about Him before He actually came on earth.

Paul also gave us a great portrait through some of his letters.


A Vision of Jesus Shaped By Movies

My personal vision of Him was shaped by the different movies that were made about Him over the years.

The first one that had an impact on me was, Jesus of Nazareth. That’s the Jesus that I knew as a kid and grew up with.

But then, when I turned a teenager, I lost track of Him. And it’s only in 1988, while I was 22 years old and feeling very far from everything concerning God that I saw the movie The Last Temptation of Christ.

Not the best representation you could have of the guy when you know the Scriptures a little you might say. But at that time, I was pretty lost. And I was not too much into the Scriptures.

When I turn to Christ two years after that, my vision of Jesus was greatly challenged. Even the vision I had of Him from Franco Zeffirelli’s movie of 1977… Jesus of Nazareth.

It was challenged by the kind of teaching I was receiving from the pastor of that church I started to go to… and through what I was reading from some passages in the New Testament and the book of Revelation.


But the List of Movies Went on…

I saw other Jesus’ movies after that, the movie Jesus made in 1979 by John Krish and Peter Sykes, The Gospel of Matthew made in 1993, The Gospel of John released in 2003.

They were all word for word interpretation of the gospel in different Bible translations.

I saw also Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of Christ in 2004.

What Was Jesus Like As A Person

Later on I saw in different theaters, Son of God released in 2014, Risen and The Young Messiah both released in 2016.

So you can say that I’ve watched a lot of movies about Jesus.

Although they were all movies about Him, they were given a different vision of what the guy could be like.

The only ones who would be able to say what vision is the closest, are the ones who saw Him face to face, chat with Him, even touched Him with their own hands.

We can only speculate.

And that’s how I’m trying to make myself a vision of Him, by what I can read about Him. The way He was and was replying in many occasions He was confronted to.


Thoughtful And Considerate

Some traits of character that we can see he had by reading the Gospels are that, He was thoughtful and considerate toward others.

And we can see this on many occasions where he took the defense of people that were picked on.

One good example I can think of is when, one of the women following Him, spread an expensive perfume on His feet.

One of the disciples who saw that, reproached it to her. But Jesus spoke up for her.

The Bible say that He was not crushing the weak. Or to use Eugene Peterson translation… He was not walking over anyone’s feelings.

If we can read the definition of humility describe by Paul in Philippians chapter 2, or his definition of love in 1 Corinthians 13, I think we will start to have a better idea of the type of attitude and character He Had.


Humble and Loving

I think one of His main characteristic, the one that I prefer the most among all the others was… His humility.

He knew He was God’s Son, but He put Himself at the same level of the most humble person you can meet.

And I think that’s one of the reasons that many people were comfortable with Him, and that He was seen with the kind of crowd others – specially religious leaders – had not much consideration for.

He was not ashamed to be seen with them. He never look down at anyone.

If there is one virtue that we as Christian should develop, I think it is this one. A virtue that I was personally lacking to have in the beginning because of the kind of zeal I had for God.

The kind of zeal that the Pharisees had that was greatly mislead.

A zeal that is based on how well you seem to be devoted to God, rather than, how well you realize how much He loves you regardless of anything else.

And it’s to live in that love.


And so…

…that’s how I think Jesus was like as a person and that He is still now.

What is He like for you?

If you have any favorite verses that are making you think of Him… or what Jesus movie really made an impression on you.

You are invited to share it in the comment below. Describe in your words what Jesus is like for you…



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